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Facing the prospect of repossession can be frightening, but it’s important to remember that you are not alone. There is a lot of help available from government, from lenders and from advice agencies. The information here will give you the tools you need to prevent your home being repossessed. You'll also find stories from some of the 330,000 homeowners who have already received help and advice.

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Select the option below that is closest to your own situation. You can create your own action plan by answering a few simple questions or you can you can go straight to a general action plan to see the simple steps you can take to help you keep your home, and find out the help that's available to you. You'll also be able to read the real stories of people who have been in a similar situation to you.

Myth buster
Hundreds of households have had repossession action against them frozen through a government scheme called Mortgage Rescue

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