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Tackling Knives Action Programme

The Tackling Knives Action Programme (TKAP) is an £2m intensive, cross-government action programme which committed to take swift action to reduce incidents of death and serious violence among teenagers. Launched in June 2008, we are focusing £2m of resources on rapid, intensive work in 10 police force areas.

In March 2009, the Home Office announced an extra £5 million to tackle knife crime and serious youth violence, and increase targeted police action to tackle a minority of young people who commit serious violence, regardless of the weapon involved. Two additional police forces (Kent and Hampshire) will now be involved in the TKAP, bringing the total number of forces to sixteen (15 areas plus British Transport Police).

Tackling Youth Knife Crime - Practical Advice for Police has been written to share effective practice from the Tackling Knives Action Programme (TKAP) force areas so that we can make the greatest impact in reducing teenage knife deaths and serious woundings and, in doing so, increase public confidence.

Findings from the TKAP Phase 1 monitoring programme were published on the 22nd July 2009 on the Home Office research publication website.

Issue 5 of the TKAP bulletin PDF file PDF 162Kb, was published in February 2010. 

The ten police forces are the Metropolitan Police, Essex, Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Merseyside, West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Thames Valley, South Wales and Nottinghamshire. They are all currently looking in greater detail at knife crime in their areas and are already undertaking further, targeted activity. The geographical remit does not, of course, prevent TKAP from seeking and sharing examples of good practice from outside these areas.

The increased focus in ten police force areas on tackling knife crime, include:

  • stepping up enforcement operations

  • targeting the most dangerous young people in each area

  • carrying out home visits and sending letters to parents if their children are known to carry weapons

  • working with A&E departments on information sharing

  • setting up or expanding youth forums to enable young people to have a say in local issues

  • clamping down on retailers who continue to sell knives to young people

Download Tackling Knives Programme Fact Sheet showing progress to date PDF file PDF 93Kb

Violent offender management

A Violent offender management booklet has been published containing examples of good practice in offender management for those who are affected by or perpetrate violent crime as individuals or as part of a gang or other criminal group. The booklet is intended to help ensure that existing and emerging risk management approaches respond effectively to the needs of adults and young people involved in violent offending behaviour.  

Download violent offender management booklet PDF file PDF 1.7Mb





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