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The Effective Practice Database is a database of projects that have been tried around the country. The purpose of this searchable pool of data is to raise awareness of what is being carried out nationally and possible options to consider, putting the lessons learned from these examples into your own context.

Effective Practice in this instance can therefore be defined as "practice , when shared, enhances other CDRP's/CSP's ability to tackle crime and disorder effectively."

Don't forget that what works in one location will not automatically work everywhere (or anywhere) else. Therefore, you will need to consider factors that are most relevant to your area and the problem you are addressing.

You can search the database using the panel below, or find the latest additions to the database.

We're also interested to hear about your experiences. If you've done something, or have an innovative initiative planned, then let us know.

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Submitting a Tilley Awards 2010 application

You can now submit an application to the 2010 Tilley Awards through the Effective Practice Database. To do this you must register and log into the system. Once registered and logged in you will be provided with extra hyperlinks (Submit a Tilley Awards Application - National Competition and Submit a Stand Alone Tilley Awards Entry) within the navigation section on the top right hand side of this page.

Please make sure you have read the guidance before you submit an entry to the awards. The guidance is available on the Tilley Awards section of the Crime Reduction website at or by accessing the top hyperlink contained on the external links section on the right hand side of this page.

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Newest Additions to the Effective Practice Database:

Maximising and Strengthening the Licensing Process

Reference: EPD1502
Project purpose: To strengthen and enhance the existing licensing processes in Coventry in order to reduce crime, disorder and ASB linked to the evening economy. more...

Operation Noble

Reference: EPD1553
Project purpose: Reducing the criminal use of firearms in Merseyside. more...

Brent Alcohol Hotspot Campaign

Reference: EPD1530
Project purpose: Addressing alcohol-related crime and disorder issues in one of the borough’s historic problem areas. more...

Operation Equinox

Reference: EPD1552
Project purpose: To reduce criminal damage and anti social behaviour during the Equinox period. more...

Operation Kentwood – Tackling metal thefts in West Cumbria

Reference: EPD1536
Project purpose: The West BCU in Cumbria had the highest number of offences of metal thefts in the County and this project was set up to address this issue. more...

Operation Safer Nights

Reference: EPD1540
Project purpose: Alcohol Related Violence in London’s West End more...

Reducing the Harm of an Open Cannabis Market in Camden Town.

Reference: EPD1542
Project purpose: Preventing drug dealing and secreting in Inverness Street Market, Camden Town. more...

‘Tickets for Trips’

Reference: EPD1541
Project purpose: Community Engagement and Reducing Anti Social Behaviour more...

Repeat caller to Police and North East Ambulance Service (NEAS)

Reference: EPD1543
Project purpose: Preventing wasted time of the 999 service. more...

Student Survey

Reference: EPD1544
Project purpose: Victim Based Interventions: Burglary more...

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