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Operation Telic - British Forces

HMS Ark Royal is capable of operating
the new Merlin helicopter
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RAF Chinook helicopters are also
embarked in Ark Royal
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HMS Liverpool and her Type 42 sisterships
provide air defence cover
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RAF Jaguars, upgraded to the GR3 standard,
have potent attack and
reconnaissance capabilities
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Royal Fleet Auxiliaries such as Fort Austin
provide essential support
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The Tornado F3 is being deployed for
air defence duties, armed with AMRAAM,
ASRAAM, Sidewinder and Sky Flash missiles
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RAF E-3D Sentry AEW1 aircraft provide
airborne early warning, surveillance, and
command & control capabilities
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The Irish Guards gained valuable experience
operating their Warrior vehicles in the
Gulf during Exercise Saif Sareaa II in 2001
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The all-terrain BV206 vehicles of
3 Commando Brigade are equally at home
in the desert as they are in the arctic
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The Tristar tanker force allows combat
aircraft to be deployed rapidly around
the world
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RAF tankers, such as this VC-10, are
also able to refuel US Navy and Marine
Corps aircraft, such as this Prowler
during a patrol of the Iraqi No Fly Zones
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The Harrier GR7 has recently
been upgraded to carry Maverick precision
attack missiles
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The Defence Secretary outlined on 7 and 20 January, and 6 February the deployment of substantial maritime, land and air packages to provide a broad range of military capabilities for potential operations against Iraq. Overall, some 45,000 personnel are involved.

Naval Task Group 2003, which had long been planned to deploy via the Mediterranean and Gulf en route to the Far East for participation in Exercise Flying Fish, was augmented to provide a significant maritime and amphibious capability. The Task Group comprises:

The amphibious force numbered some 4,000 and included:

Some 14 other Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels have also involved in the operation, including:

The land force numbers some 26,000. The primary units deployed in whole or in part include:

1(UK) Armoured Division:

7th Armoured Brigade:

16 Air Assault Brigade:

102 Logistics Brigade:

The air component deployed on Operation Telic numbers about 100 fixed-wing aircraft and 27 support helicopters, supported by some 7,000 personnel. Aircraft types involved include:

RAF Regiment units provide ground defence for the force. The Army's 21 Signal Regiment provides communications support for the Joint Helicopter Force.


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