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Welcome home
HMS Ocean had the nucleus of
the Commando battlegroup
already embarked in the region

An RAF Canberra PR9 is made ready for a reconnaissance sortie
RAF Chinook helicopters provided
the battlegroup with airmobility

An RAF VC-10 tanker taxies out for a night refuelling sortie
An RAF Canberra PR9
reconnaissance aircraft prepares
for an operational sortie over

A US Navy F-14 Tomcat refuels close to the VC-10's tail-mounted engines
A US Navy F-14 Tomcat refuels
close to a VC-10's 
tail-mounted engines 


UK Forces have participated in the military operation against Usama Bin Laden's Al Qaida terrorist organisation and against the Taliban regime harbouring them in Afghanistan since its start on 7 October 2001. The Secretary of State for Defence confirmed on 20 June that Task Force Jacana would return to the UK on successful completion of operations . The first troops returned home on 4 July, with further contingents following on 12 and 19 July. Drawdown completed on 31 July.

Operations conducted by 45 Commando Group included Op Ptarmigan, Op Snipe, Op Condor and Op Buzzard.

The UK and seventeen other countries are providing the International Security Assistance Force to support the Afghan Interim Authority in Kabul. Details of ISAF and Operation Fingal (the UK contribution) can be found here. Detailed information can be found on the following pages:

Summary reports of operational activity
(Updated 0820 1 October)

Photo gallery
(Updated 1030 9 July)

UK Forces participating in Op Veritas
(Updated 1 August)

HMG's Campaign Objectives
(published 16 October)

Links to other relevant UK Government and US Government websites
(Updated 1220 3 Nov)

Links to relevant press conference transcripts, speeches, statements and Parliamentary debates
(Updated 0820 1 October)

A reference map of Afghanistan

On 15 November, a reconnaissance party of UK military personnel arrived at Bagram airfield near Kabul.On 26 November, the RAF flew out from Bagram the Northern Alliance delegation attending the UN-sponsored conference in Bonn. Hamid Karzai and Fahim Khan of the Afghan Interim Authority visited London on 31 January.

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