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11 February 2010

Changes to public expenditure National Statistics releases

As part of the Government’s alignment project, announced in the Green Paper ‘The Governance of Britain’, changes are being made to the budgeting framework in order to more closely align Budgets, Resource Accounts and Supply Estimates. This will simplify the Government’s financial reporting to Parliament by ensuring it reports in a more consistent fashion. 

In December 2009 it was announced that there would be changes to the content of public spending National Statistics (NS) releases as a result of this alignment project.

These changes are set out in detail below. The timing of future releases will also change – they will be published throughout the year as information becomes available, rather than on the same day as key policy events.  The first release on the new basis will be on 25 February 2010.

Providing feedback on these changes

We are always interested in users’ views on the timing, content and format of the information that is published.  We would therefore be keen to hear users’ views on these changes.  Views should be sent to

Notes for editors

1. National Statistics: National Statistics is the official source for authoritative, accurate and relevant information on the economy and society. It brings together a vast range of statistical information overseen by the National Statistician and UK Statistics Authority. The National Statistics logo is your assurance of statistics produced to the highest professional standards. For more information about National Statistics visit

2. Current release arrangements: The Treasury currently publishes the main Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses (PESA) NS release five weeks after Budget. This release contains sections on budgeting aggregates, public sector spending (by sector, function and economic category) and the Country and Regional Analysis (CRA).  In-year updates to five key tables are published on the same day as (but at an earlier time than) the Provisional Outturn Command Paper (July), Pre-Budget Report (normally December) and Budget (normally March). 

3.  Changes to the content of future releases: The alignment project will remove the near-cash/non-cash boundary from resource DEL and so this distinction will become obsolete.  A near-cash table will be retained until the July 2010 release as departments are controlled against this aggregate for 2008-09. Thereafter the table will be removed. Further changes will be made to the in-year updates as follows, so that information is released on a more timely basis rather than annually:

These will be supplemented by links to historical functional series and to interactive data sets published in excel. Interactive datasets have previously only been made available alongside the main PESA release, but budgeting and public sector expenditure on services datasets (the two datasets underlying the in-year releases) will now additionally be made available in-year.  The Country and Regional Analysis interactive datasets will continue to be made available annually.

4. Changes to the timing of future releases: We intend to de-couple NS releases from policy events so that they can be released on a more timely basis.  The proposed new release dates, and the main data updates that they will include, are as follows:

The Treasury National Statistics release calendar and the UK Statistics Authority release hub will be updated to reflect this new schedule.  The first release on the new basis will be on 25 February 2010. 

5. For general enquiries about National Statistics, contact the National Statistics Public Enquiry Service on 0845 601 3034 or by email to

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