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18 June 2009

Publication of Main Supply Estimates, Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses 2009 and Supplementary Budgetary Information 2009-10

Main Supply Estimates

The Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Stephen Timms, today presented to the House of Commons the Main Supply Estimates for 2009-10. The Main Supply Estimates seek parliamentary authority for departmental spending plans for the current financial year.

The Main Supply Estimates 2009-10 seek parliamentary authority for voted supply provision of £ 484.3   billion of net resources and £ 56.3 billion for net capital. The amounts sought are broadly consistent with the spending plans published in the Financial Statement and Budgetary report on 22 April 2009 (HC 407) and the associated Supplementary Budgetary Information (SBI) and Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses booklets, which are published alongside the Main Supply Estimates today.

Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses (PESA)

The Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses 2009 brings together recent outturn data, estimated outturns for the latest year and future spending plans. In addition to providing information about departmental budgets, PESA analyses public expenditure in ways that extend beyond the budgeting and control frameworks. These analyses provide information on spending by function, economic category and territory (country and region). 

Supplementary Budgetary Information (SBI)

The SBI booklet provides a read-across between expenditure plans in the Main Supply Estimates and the budgetary information in Departmental Reports. Departmental Reports will be published over the next few weeks, usually before the summer recess.

Notes for Editors

1. The Treasury presents Main Supply Estimates annually after the Budget.

2. In addition, Estimates for the House of Commons, the National Audit Office and the Electoral Commission are presented seperately to Parliament. These can be found through the following link:

3. All these publications are avaliable from Stationery Office bookshops or can be found on the respective websites of HM Treasury and the independent organisations listed above.


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