Reporting fraud

Fraud is the use of deception to obtain an advantage, avoid an obligation or cause a loss to another party. Corruption is the abuse of position for private gain.

DFID is committed to ensuring that its resources, allocated by the UK Parliament on behalf of the UK Taxpayer, will be used only for the purposes intended. DFID management is committed to minimising the resources lost through fraud, theft and corruption.

All DFID employees, consultants and contractors, in the UK and overseas, have a responsibility to protect DFID funds and other assets from fraud and corruption.

While it is accepted that there will always be some risk of fraud in DFID programmes, all reported suspicions will be considered for further investigation. Fraud and corruption against DFID funds, either by DFID staff, partner organisations (e.g. contractors) or in partner Governments will not be tolerated because it:

  • Diverts vital resources from the poor;
  • Breaches our public service ethics and core values;
  • Damages our reputation for sound financial management; and
  • Challenges our 'fitness for purpose' and our credibility in the eyes of our UK stakeholders and International partners.

Those found to have been involved in fraudulent and corrupt activity or to have been negligent in the exercise of supervisory duties will be subject to disciplinary and, where appropriate, criminal proceedings.

Action will also be taken to recover any funds that have been lost. Similarly, funding may be recovered, and future funding withheld from partner Governments where arrangements for preventing or detecting fraud and corruption fail to improve.

How to report fraud

The Counter Fraud Unit (CFU) is the central point for reporting all suspicions or allegations of fraud or corrupt practices. This includes both internal and external cases where DFID funds, assets or interests (including DFID’s reputation) are involved.

All suspicions of fraud or corruption must be reported. The Counter Fraud Unit has a dedicated fraud response email address for reporting suspicions: or you can contact us using the form below.

Reports may also be made by phone on +44 (0)1355 84000, asking for the Counter Fraud Unit.

You can find detailed guidance on this site on how you should react to a suspected fraud or corruption, or you can contact the Counter Fraud Unit for advice.


    Last updated: 26 Feb 2010