Living with depression

'I run to boost my mood'

Liz is a GP and lives in Leicester. She describes her own experience of depression and how a combination of CBT, exercise and medication has helped her.

Help for depression

If you feel low for more than a couple of weeks you could be depressed. Find out where to go for help.

The depression test

If you've been feeling low for more than a few days, take this short test to find out if you're depressed.

Exercise for depression

As well as being good for your physical health, exercise can improve your mood and help you feel less anxious.

Video: Laurie's CBT story

Laurie's depression started when his son died. In this video, he describes how cognitive behavioural therapy helped him to cope with day-to-day life.

Eating to improve mood

A balanced diet improves general health and mental wellbeing and can help you cope with depression.

Coping with depression

There are many things you can do to help yourself if you're depressed, including being active and drinking less alcohol.

Self-help groups

Depression can make you feel isolated. Many people find that talking to others in a similar situation can help.

'Talking to other people helped my depression'

Matthew has had depression since his teens. He describes how a self-help group has helped him cope.

Worried someone may be depressed?

What you can do to help if you’re concerned about a friend or relative who seems depressed.

Caring for someone with depression

Caring for someone with depression is not easy. Find out what help is available for you.

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Talking treatments

Find out about the benefits of different types of talking therapy, including counselling, psychotherapy and CBT.

New Horizons

Find out how the New Horizons in Mental Health aims to improve adult mental health services in England by 2020.