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Firms with European trading links are the most likely to have been affected by the introduction of euro notes and coins in the euro area. Over half of all UK firms consider that they have such trading links. This section provides firms with information to allow them to evaluate how the euro may be affecting the way they do business. Click on the title below to view the section of your choice.


If you have any trading links with the euro area, direct or indirect, you should consider the implications on your business. These factsheets suggest courses of action and provide sources of information.

Case studies

These case studies show how real firms have benefited from being able to trade in euros. Businesses can learn from those in similar sectors, facing similar challenges. Firms can search for a business in similar sectors or regions.

Regional advice

Local business support is available for business on dealing in euro and other issues.

Cross border payments in the EU

This section provides information, including an explanatory note, on the rules following EU legislation on charges for cross border payments between European Union countries. This legislation applies to the UK.

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