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This is the central point for access to guidance on the economic assessment of spending and investment and to related guidance including the preparation of business cases for the public sector.

Photograph of The Green Book

The Green Book methodology should be used to make an economic assessment of the social costs and benefits of all new policies projects and programmes including the economic assessment of regulations under regulatory impact analysis. As recommended by the Green Book all spending proposals should be accompanied by a proportionate and well structured business case. Guidance on preparing and assessing Business cases is given on the Business case resources page.

The Green Book provides an overall methodology for economic assessment. In addition to the Green Book itself which appears above there is a wide range of Supplementary guidance on specific issues such as risk and optimism bias and a wealth of specific Detailed Departmental guidance developed for use when applying Green Book principles in specific instances such as Competition, Crime or the Environment. An index to these additional sources of guidance is given on the Green Book guidance page.

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