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23 July 2007

Innovation is a key catalyst for productivity growth. New ideas drive enterprise, create new products and markets, and improve efficiency, delivering benefits to firms, customers and society. A successful innovation system requires a strong science and engineering base to provide quality research outputs and skilled personnel. Scientific and technological advances also drive improvements in quality of life, particularly through public services, such as healthcare, and through environmental protection.

Science & innovation investment framework 2004-2014

The Government has published a ten-year investment framework for science and innovation alongside the 2004 Spending Review. The framework sets out the Government’s ambition for UK science and innovation over the next decade, in particular their contribution to economic growth and public services, and the attributes and funding arrangements of a research system capable of delivering this.

The Government has consulted extensively with key stakeholders in drawing up this investment framework, including the scientific community, businesses, charities and regional and devolved bodies, as well as international contacts, and has received invaluable contribution from a wide range of individuals and organisations. At Budget 2004, the Government published a consultation document 'Science & innovation: working towards a ten-year investment framework'. 

A list of organisations who submitted responses and consented to their publication is available on this website, and is located in Annex D of the framework document, along with other organisations and individuals who have been consulted by the policy review team. Science & innovation investment framework 2004-2014

The framework will build upon the substantial analysis and consultation of recent years, including the Lambert Review of business-university collaboration, Investing in Innovation, the Roberts Review of the supply of scientists and engineers, and the DTI Innovation Report.

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