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Treasury book: 'Microeconomic Reform in Britain: Delivering Opportunities for All'

10 March 2004

Microeconomic Reform in Britain: Delivering Opportunities for All (Palgrave McMillan/HM Treasury) provides a comprehensive guide to the microeconomic reforms implemented to realise the Government's goal of creating a stronger, more enterprising economy and a fairer society.

The book describes the Government's programme of microeconomic policy reforms to achieve its objectives of closing the productivity gap, tackling child and pensioner poverty, achieving full employment, and protecting the environment. It also gives an assessment of the role and limits of markets, the new regional policy, and a detailed account of the reform of public service delivery and the 'new localism' agenda.

This companion volume to 'Reforming Britain's Economic and Financial Policy: Towards Greater Economic Stability', published in 2002, is a key resource for students of economics and politics, taking the reader through the intellectual foundations of policy making and the translation of these to practical application.

Published by Palgrave Macmillan, in hardback and paperback versions. ISBN no. 1 - 4039 -1249

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