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Supporting Research commissioned as part of the Stern Review

Below is a list of research commissioned as part of the Stern Review into the Economics of Climate Change. The views expressed in the documents below are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of the Stern Review.

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Part Researcher Study
I: Climate change: our approach (Chapters 1-2) John Broome (University of Oxford) Valuing policies in response to climate change: some ethical issues
Cameron Hepburn (St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford) Discounting climate change damages
II: Impacts of climate change on growth and development (Chapters 3-6) Rachel Warren and others (Tyndall Centre) Understanding the regional impacts of climate change (Tyndall Centre Working Paper 90)
Rachel Warren and others (Tyndall Centre) Spotlighting the impacts functions in integrated assessments (Tyndall Centre Working Paper 91)
Andrew Challinor and others(University of Reading) Indian Monsoon
Nigel Arnell (University of Southampton) Global impacts of abrupt climate change: an initial assessment
David Anthoff and others (Tyndall Centre) Global and regional exposure to large rises in sea-level: a sensitivity analysis (Tyndall Centre Working Paper 96)
JC Nkomo and others The impacts of climate change in Africa: Main report , Summary matrix
Gustavo Nagy and others Understanding the potential impact of climate change and variability in Latin America and the Caribbean
Joyashree Roy (Jadavpur University) The economics of climate change: a review of studies in the context of South Asia with a special focus on India
Lin Erda and Zhou Ji Climate change impacts and its economics in China
Ed Anderson (ODI) Potential impacts of climate change on $2-a-day poverty and child mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia
III: The economics of stabilisation (Chapters 7-13) Dennis Anderson (Imperial College) Costs and finance of abating carbon emissions in the energy sector
Terry Barker and others (4CMR, University of Cambridge) The costs of greenhouse gas mitigation with induced technological change: a meta-analysis of estimates in the literature
David Norse (UCL) Key trends in emissions from agriculture and use of policy instruments
IV: Policy responses for mitigation (Chapters 14-17) Cameron Hepburn(St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford) Regulating by prices, quantities or both: an update and an overview
Research Centre for Sustainable Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Understanding China’s energy policy: economic growth and energy use, fuel diversity, energy/carbon intensity, and international cooperation
The Auto Project Climate Change Mitigation Strategies for the Transportation Sector in China
Zhang Anhua and Zhao Xingshu Efficiency Improvement and Energy Conservation in China’s Power Industry
Li Junfeng, Shi Jinli and Ma Lingjuan China: Prospect for renewable energy development
Zhang Qun, Beijing University of Science and Technology Chinese iron and steel industry development and environment protection
Alan Ingham (University of Southampton) Climate change, mitigation and adaptation with uncertainty and learning
Richard Klein (Potsdam) Climate policy in the face of uncertainty: the roles of adaptation and mitigation
William Blyth and Kirsty Hamilton (Chatham House) Aligning climate and energy policy -creating incentives to invest in low carbon technologies in the context of linked markets for fossil fuel, electricity and carbon
V Policy responses for adaptation (Chapters 18-20)
All of these papers were presented at a Stern Review Workshop on the “Economics of Adaptation” on 9 May 2006
Sam Fankhauser (EBRD) The economics of adaptation
Frans Berkhout (Free University, The Netherlands) Rationale for adaptation in EU climate change policies
Mac Callaway (UNEP) and Molly Hellmuth (IRI, Columbia University) Climate risk management for development: economic considerations
Merylyn Hedger (Environment Agency) Assessing the costs and benefits of adaptation: perspectives from the front line
Jane Milne (ABI) Assessing the costs and benefits of adaptation to climate change
Richard Boyd and Alistair Hunt (Metroeconomica) Costing the local and regional impacts of climate change using the UKCIP costing methodology
Karen O’Brien (University of Oslo) The economics of adaptation
Saleemul Huq (IIED) Statement to the workshop on economics of adaptation
VI International collective action (Chapters 21-27) International Rice Research Institute Climate change and rice cropping systems: potential adaptation and mitigation strategies
Maryanne Grieg-Gran (IIED) The cost of avoiding deforestation
Max Tse (Nuffield College, University of Oxford) A theoretical note on cross-border interactions between carbon abatement schemes
Duan Maosheng (Tsinghua University, Beijing) Technology based CDM: a conceptual framework

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