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SoPC Version 4 update: April 2009

SoPC Version 4 update: October 2008

Standardisation of PFI Contracts (SoPC) Version 4 (March 2007)

This version of standard wording and guidance is to be used by public sector bodies when drafting PFI contracts. It supercedes Version 3, issued in April 2004 and includes amendments outlined in the SoPC3 Addendum and insurance guidance, both published in December 2005.

Supporting guidance and information

Implementation of Standardisation of PFI Contracts (SoPC) Version 4 (PDF 156KB)
This 21 March 2007 letter sets out the details of how SoPC Version 4 will be implemented and enforced. The Appendix sets out the procedure for approval of sector specific contracts and the submission of any derogations from SoPC Version 4.

Standardisation of PFI Contracts Version 4 - an Outline of Principal Changes (PDF 140KB)
This note issued on 21 March 2007 outlines the main changes from SoPC Version 3. It is indicative only and practitioners should still consult SoPC Version 4.

Change Protocol Principles - August 2007 (PDF 156KB)
This paper provides information on the principles and procedures which PFUs and Authorities may wish to consider when producing their own variation provisions to comply with the requirements of SoPC4. It is intended as an aid to help Authorities consider relevant issues.

Standardisation of PFI Contracts (SoPC) Version 4 - marked up copy
This is marked up copy of SoPC Version 4 showing the changes that have been made from Version 3. Please note: this is intended as an aid for practitioners, and anyone using it should check their understanding of it against the clean copy of SoPC Version 4.

Historical documents

Standardisation of PFI Contracts (SoPC) Version 3

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