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The King Review of low-carbon cars

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The Chancellor commissioned Professor Julia King, Vice-Chancellor of Aston University and former Director of Advanced Engineering at Rolls-Royce plc, working with Lord Nicholas Stern, to undertake an independent review to examine the vehicle and fuel technologies which over the next 25 years could help to decarbonise road transport, particularly cars. The Review drew on expertise from across both industry, in the UK and internationally, and Government.

Part I of the Review, published on 9th October 2007, set out the potential for reducing CO2 emissions from road transport. The report had a positive message: that there is significant potential to reduce CO2 from cars, both in the next few years and in the medium and longer term, and that this could bring considerable benefits for the UK. It set out the role that more efficient vehicles, cleaner fuels and smarter consumer choices need to play in reducing emissions.

The King Review Part II, published on 12th March 2008, picked up on these challenges and made a series of recommendations aimed at ensuring that government, industry, the research community and consumers all contribute to realising this potential for reducing CO2 emissions. The report highlighted the importance of setting a long-term direction for policy that has CO2 at its heart, ensuring that new technologies and fuels are developed sustainably and the global nature of the effort required.

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