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Public Service Pensions (PSP)

The Treasury is responsible for developing policy, co-ordinating and providing advice on pension and compensation scheme arrangements in the public services.

The main public service schemes are those for the Civil Service, NHS, Teachers, Local Government, Police, Fire and Armed Services. There are however, over 200 public service schemes in total, mostly small schemes which follow PCSPS or LGPS arrangements. They all follow public service pensions policy.

The information contained here is mostly technical and is aimed at people involved in the administration of public service pensions. The site is still under development and it is planned to add more material in the coming months. The PSP team would be interested in receiving feedback from schemes about the content they would like to see on the site. They can be contacted at HM Treasury, Room 3/23, 1 Horse Guards Road, London, SW1A 2HQ

More general information on the Government's policy for pensioners can be found in the Pensioners section on this web site or by using the external link to the Department for Work and Pension's website below.

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