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Your NHS guide to long-term conditions and self care

Get support to help you take control

Living with a long-term condition brings challenges and it's important to have the confidence, support and information to take control of your condition. This is called self care, which means looking after yourself in a healthy way, whether it’s taking your medicine properly or doing some exercise.

Self care doesn't mean you need to manage on your own. You can expect lots
of support from the NHS, including:

  • Healthy lifestyle support: helping you improve your diet and exercise regime. 
  • Information: advice about your condition and its treatment.
  • Training: helping you feel more confident about living with your condition.
  • Tools and equipment: making life easier at home.
  • Support networks: help with finding people to share your experiences with.

This guide will give you lots of advice and practical information. If you’re not sure
where to start, our simple self-assessment tool will point you in the right direction.