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HM Treasury publishes a number of data releases which fall within the scope of National Statistics; a Code of Practice that sets out key principles and standards for official statisticians to follow and uphold.

There are:

National Statistics on public expenditure. The Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses (PESA) National Statistics release is published annually and presents public spending outturns against the budgetary framework as well as analysis by function, economic category and territory (country and region). Key public spending outturn series (certain public spending budgetary data and public spending by function and economic category) are updated three times a year and released in accordance with the National Statistics Code of Practice.

The public sector finances statistical bulletin (jointly with the Office for National Statistics), contains monthly data on the key fiscal aggregates of current budget, borrowing and debt, together with some details of central government spending and receipts.

Monthly data on the UK foreign exchange reserves.

Public expenditure releases

The latest public expenditure figures are available below:

The public expenditure outturns update published on February 25 has been revised to correct three row headers in Table 6 that were aligned with the wrong rows of data.

Excel versions of the latest tables:

Datasets underlying the latest tables:

The main annual PESA publication is also available. This presents further budgeting and functional analyses of public spending, as well as country and regional information.

Latest monthly public sector finance statistics

Monthly estimates of the main public sector finance statistics are issued jointly by the Office for National Statistics and HM Treasury. The latest bulletin was on Thursday 18 March.

Latest monthly reserves release

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