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Pre-Budget Report

02 December 2004

Long-term global economic challenges and opportunities for the UK

The paper assesses the long-term global economic challenges and opportunities facing the United Kingdom over the next ten years. The global economy is undergoing a profound transformation, with far-reaching and fundamental changes in technology and trading patterns.

The paper identifies six key trends that will shape the global economy over this period, including: the rapid growth of large emerging economies in particular China and India, which is shifting the global balance of economic activity; the increasing integration of global markets, as international trade and investment expand; the internationalisation of economic activities, with the production of goods and services dispersed across continents; the growing rewards from innovation; the importance of improving skill levels, equipping individuals to adapt to change; and increasing pressure on energy resources and the environment.

The paper argues that meeting the long-term economic challenges and opportunities will require sustained effort from across a range of policy areas aimed at: entrenching macroeconomic stability; promoting an enterprise culture; promoting innovation; opening up skills to all; ensuring fairness through a flexible and responsive welfare state; and promoting sustainable development, including through effective multilateral action.

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