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Live consultations

Smarter Government: a consultation on publishing further Government financial data
Launch date: 01/04/10 Closing date: 30/06/10

Building Society Capital & Related Issues: A Discussion Paper
Launch date: 30/03/10 Closing date: 22/06/10

Proposals for regulatory reform of credit unions in Northern Ireland
Launch date: 30/03/10 Closing date: 24/05/10

Strengthening the administration regime for insurers: a consultation
Launch date: 25/03/10 Closing date: 25/06/10

Public Consultation on the draft Terrorist Asset-Freezing Bill
Launch date: 18/03/10 Closing date: 18/06/10

Special resolution regime: The FSMA (Contribution to Costs of Special Resolution Regime) Regulations 2010
Launch date: 16/03/10 Closing date: 15/06/10

Solvency II and the Taxation of Insurance Companies
Launch date: 10/03/10 Closing date: 02/06/10

Simplification review: capital gains rules for groups of companies - a consultation document
Launch date: 22/02/10 Closing date: 15/05/10

National Minimum Wage workers: Travel and subsistence expenses schemes
Launch date: 11/02/10 Closing date: 06/05/10

Investment in the UK Private Rented Sector
Launch date: 03/02/10 Closing date: 28/04/10

Proposals for controlled foreign companies (CFC) reform: discussion document
Launch date: 26/01/10 Closing date: 20/04/10

Closed consultations

Implementing amendments to the Capital Requirements Directive
Launch date: 05/01/10 Closing date: 30/03/10

Establishing resolution arrangements for investment banks
Launch date: 16/12/09 Closing date: 16/03/10

Implementing the restriction of pensions tax relief
Launch date 09/12/09 Closing date: 03/03/10 

Implementing a Landline Duty: consultation on draft legislation and impacts
Launch date: 11/12/09 Closing date: 12/02/10

Mortgage regulation: a consulation
Launch date: 25/11/09 Closing date: 15/02/10

Associated company rules consultation
Launch date: 28/10/09 Closing date: 22/01/10

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