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Initial Assessment

This initial assessment is only suitable for adults and children over 1 year of age.

If you are using the initial assessment for children you should be aware when answering the questions that some children have difficulty in describing their symptoms, or may show symptoms slightly different to adults.

If you are using the initial assessment on behalf of someone else, please remember that the questions will be about them.

This initial assessment has been designed so that many health enquiries can be addressed with the most appropriate advice being offered depending on someone’s symptoms or the type of enquiry.

This service is provided for people in England only. For health advice and information in other parts of UK please visit the NHS in Northern Ireland, NHS 24 (Scotland) or NHS Direct Wales.

If you would like general health information, visit NHS Choices , call 0845 4647, or use NHS Choices digital TV on Freeview (channel 100). If you require information in different languages please call NHS Direct on 0845 4647.

This information is used only by NHS Direct to provide you with advice and information. It is not shared with other organisations, or stored or combined with any other medical records held by your GP or local NHS provider.

Use of this website on public computers may put you at risk of leaving personal information that others may be able to access. You may wish to review the advice on the Get Safe Online website before you continue.

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