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2005 Closed consultations

Proposed changes to the eligibility rules for establishing a pension scheme
Launch date: 30/09/05 Closing date: 23/12/05

The Reform of Film Tax Incentives: Promoting the sustainable production of culturally British films
Launch date: 29/07/05 Closing date: 21/10/05

Banknote issue arrangements in Scotland and Northern Ireland
Launch date: 25/07/05 Closing date: 14/10/05

EU Regulation on Wire Transfers: a consultation document
Launch date: 29/07/05 Closing date: 08/09/05

Consultation on Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses (PESA), Supplementary Budgetary Information (SBI), and Departmental Report (DR)core tables
Launch date: 25/07/05 Closing date: 12/09/05

Extending a community investment tax relief scheme
Launch date: 24/06/05 Closing date: 26/09/05

Transparency Directive
Launch date: 17/03/05 Closing date: 07/06/05

The credit union interest rate cap consultation document
Launch date: 16/03/2005 Closing date: 16/06/2005

Enterprise and economic opportunity in deprived areas: A consultation on proposals for a Local Enterprise Growth Initiative
Launch date: 16/03/05 Closing date: 08/06/05

Modernising the taxation of the haulage industry: lorry road-user charge
Launch date: 19/01/05 Closing date: 28/02/05

Implementation of the insurers reorganisation and winding-up directive for Lloyd´s
Launch date: 07/12/04 Closing date: 11/03/05

Devolving Decision Making: a consultation on regional funding allocations
Launch date: 02/12/04 Closing date: 10/03/05

Issuance of ultra-long gilt instruments consultation document
Launch date: 02/12/04 Closing date: 21/01/05

The regulation of investment trust companies
Launch date: 24/11/04 Closing date 25/02/05

UK Implementation of the Prospectus Directive
Launch date: 29/10/04 Closing date: 28/01/05

Managing Risks to the Public:Appraisal Guidance
Launch date: 11/10/04 Closing date: 11/01/05

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