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Latest live consultations

This is a list of the latest live Treasury consultations. Click on the links below to view and download the documents.

Smarter Government: a consultation on publishing further Government financial data
As announced in the Smarter Government White Paper, this consultation seeks views on how we could publish further financial data so that it is user-friendly and accessible. Launch date: 01/04/10 Closing date: 30/06/10

Building Society Capital & Related Issues: A Discussion Paper
The Government invites the views of building societies, investors, members and other interested parties on the range of issues discussed in this paper. Launch date: 30/03/10 Closing date: 22/06/10

Proposals for regulatory reform of credit unions in Northern Ireland
This consultation seeks the views of stakeholders on the decision to transfer the regulation of credit unions in Northern Ireland from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment to the Financial Services Authority. Launch date: 30/03/10 Closing date: 24/05/10

Strengthening the administration regime for insurers: a consultation
The Government seeks views on proposals to improve the protection and payment of benefits for holders of insurance contracts with an insurer facing financial difficulties, in particular to address gaps within administration regime for insurers in comparison to the liquidation regime. Launch date: 25/03/10 Closing date: 25/06/10

Public Consultation on the draft Terrorist Asset-Freezing Bill
This consultation sets out the Government’s approach to terrorist asset freezing and seeks views on its proposals for the draft Terrorist Asset-Freezing Bill, which was published in draft on 5 February 2010. Launch date: 18/03/10 Closing date: 18/06/10

Special resolution regime: The FSMA (Contribution to Costs of Special Resolution Regime) Regulations 2010
This consultation seeks views on the draft FSMA 2000 (Contribution to Costs of Special Resolution Regime) Regulations 2010, which will be made under new provisions to be inserted into the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 by clause 28 of the Financial Services Bill when it is enacted. Launch date: 16/03/10 Closing date: 15/06/10

Solvency II and the Taxation of Insurance Companies
The Government has issued a consultation document on the tax implications for insurance companies of the implementation of the EU Solvency II Directive, expected in 2012. Launch date: 10/03/10 Closing date: 02/06/10

Simplification review: capital gains rules for groups of companies - a consultation document
The Government has published a full consultation document with detailed simplification proposals, including draft legislation, on capital losses after a change in ownership, value shifting and depreciatory transactions, and degrouping charges. Launch date: 22/01/10 Closing date: 15/05/10

National Minimum Wage workers: Travel and subsistence expenses schemes
This consultation looks at addressing the problem of the potentially exploitative arrangements which are implemented for some temporary workers paid at or near the National Minimum Wage (NMW). Launch date: 11/02/10 Closing date 06/05/10

Investment in the UK Private Rented Sector
This consultation considers the contribution the Private Rented Sector could make to addressing housing demand and increasing supply, and seeks views on whether there are any substantive barriers to investment. Launch date: 03/02/10 Closing date: 28/04/10

Proposals for controlled foreign companies (CFC) reform: discussion document
HM Treasury and HMRC have released a discussion document on proposals for reforming the UK tax treatment of controlled foreign companies. Launch date: 26/01/10 Closing date: 20/04/10

Implementing amendments to the Capital Requirements Directive
This consultation document seeks views on how the Government proposes to implement the Directive using an effective, proportionate, and risk-based approach. Launch date: 05/01/10 Closing date: 30/03/10

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