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Scam correspondence

'Phishing' or 'scam' correspondence (commonly referred to as spam) to individuals and organisations is on the increase. The Treasury, in its turn, also receives an increasing amount of correspondence, and many email messages from members of the public concerned at suspicious emails they have received.

Until recently we have responded to enquiries on the legality of documents received pertaining to be from senior officials in the 'Treasury' or 'Finance Department', confirming that they did not originate from HM Treasury and advising recipients not to respond with personal details or by sending monies, if they are at all unsure of the source.

However, there have been a number of instances when our responses have then been used to enhance these scams by using the HM Treasury contact details they have acquired from our email responses.

As a consequence we will no longer be replying to 'scam' related queries but would strongly advise that anyone receiving such correspondence should not provide personal or financial details or send money in advance of any promised payments unless they are absolutely certain of the origins of the notification.

Please contact the Treasury's enquiries unit on 020 7270 4558 if you have any queries.

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