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Vitamins and breast cancer

Tuesday Apr 6 2010

“Women who take a daily multivitamin pill to ward off illness may actually be increasing their risk of breast cancer,” according to the Daily Mail. The news is based on a decade-long study which followed...

Exercise in pregnancy and baby size

Tuesday Apr 6 2010

“Aerobic exercise during pregnancy ‘produces lighter babies’,” reported The Times. It said researchers have found that women who trained on exercise bikes for 40 minutes up to five times a week...

News on fry-ups overcooked

Thursday Apr 1 2010

“A bacon fry-up at breakfast could be the healthiest start to the day,” according to the Daily Express. Several newspapers have optimistically declared that a fried breakfast is a healthy option, based on a study in mice. In the study...

Questions raised over BPA plastic

Thursday Apr 1 2010

The Independent has published a series of reports into bisphenol A (BPA), a “controversial chemical” that, it says, is present in some of best-known foods and in some leading-brand baby bottles. The newspaper...

Breast screening ‘is beneficial’

Wednesday Mar 31 2010

“Breast cancer screening saves the lives of two women for every one given unnecessary treatment,” reports The Daily Telegraph. It said that researchers have concluded that the benefits of the screening programme far...

Choc full of goodness?

Wednesday Mar 31 2010

Chocolate is officially “good for you”, according to The Guardian. We can now apparently rejoice at the thought that munching our Easter eggs will make us less likely to have a stroke or heart...

Early promise of new gout therapy

Tuesday Mar 30 2010

"A revolutionary treatment for gout could result in a new form of therapy for a range of other medical conditions – such as diabetes and obesity", The Independent reported.

Acupuncture 'eases dentist fear'

Tuesday Mar 30 2010

“Acupuncture can help cure patients of a fear of the dentist's drill,” according to The Daily Telegraph. It says that research shows that just one five-minute session of acupuncture can reduce anxiety and enable people who...

Blackcurrant 'may ease asthma'

Monday Mar 29 2010

Eating blackcurrants could “help millions of people with asthma”, according to the Daily Express. The newspaper says that the “superfruit” could help by “working with the body’s immune system to reduce inflammation in...

Rats addicted to 'junk food'

Monday Mar 29 2010

“Junk food may be addictive in the same way as heroin or cocaine,” The Independent reported. It said researchers have found that a high-calorie diet of fatty, sugary food leads to compulsive overeating in rats and causes...


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