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HM Treasury's values

Challenging, Appreciative, Collaborative, Open

The crux of these values is that whilst the Treasury has always pursued excellence and has set itself extremely high standards we will only sustain and  improve that quality by placing a greater focus on how we interact with each other and with our external stakeholders. Our behaviours are intrinsically linked to our success; our values underpin those behaviours.

What do these values mean for the Treasury and how do we seek to live them in our day to day work?  

Challenging: professional and credible

We take pride in excellence. What this means for us is doing the right thing, based on a high level of integrity, impartiality and knowledge, and understanding when we need to get things done at pace. Achieving this requires constant self-reflection, challenge and feedback.

Appreciative: everyone matters

This is an inclusive and diverse culture where everyone matters.  Each and every one of us makes a telling contribution, whatever our directorate, function or grade. We encourage and support colleagues in this aim, extend common courtesy and make ourselves visible to each other, building strong mutual trust.

Collaborative: spirit of partnership

If we think we know it all, we will be too narrow. It’s up to us to develop further collaborative team-based ways of working where we continue to invite views, understand others’ perspectives and listen openly - both externally and internally.  This will directly help us enrich the quality of our work.

Open: clarity in our communication

There are times when we need to be discreet, but this should not stop us from being as open and honest as we can be. We achieve greater clarity and consistency by being upfront about what we will and won’t do, explaining our decisions fully, sharing information widely, and acknowledging our limitations.

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