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Framework for National Statistics 2000


By the Economic Secretary to the Treasury and Ministers in the devolved administrations

In Opposition the Government made a manifesto pledge to provide independent national statistics. This Document, along with the appointment of the Statistics Commission and a National Statistician, puts in place the new arrangements that deliver our promise of statistics that command the trust and confidence of the public.

National Statistics represents the outcome of extensive work to put the nation’s statistics, so vital for good government and for society more generally, on a new and enhanced footing. It represents the biggest overhaul of official statistics for over thirty years. These arrangements also have the full support of Ministers in the devolved administrations.

The new arrangements will provide a statistical service that is open and responsive to society’s needs and the public agenda:better and more reliable official statistics that command public confidence. Greater accountability is central to a modernising agenda. So National Statistics embodies:

Hence, National Statistics represents a new and clear direction for official statistics –a legacy for a new Millennium delivering statistics that will command public confidence.

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