Innovate and co-create with citizens online (draft)

Leading organisations are using recent internet developments, including those known as ‘Web2.0′ to work with people in new ways. These developments make it easier, cheaper and faster to create to collaborate, innovate and create new information services. The Show Us A Better Way Competition demonstrated not only the appetite for innovating with information but that people could respond spontaneously and create new products. The Government has already embraced “co-production” in its strategy for the public services, and the Taskforce believes that the there would be significant public value in opening up Government data and websites as platforms for others to develop and innovate further.

A ‘backstage’ model for government

The Taskforce endorses the sentiment of this passage from the DIUS White Paper on Innovation:
‘Innovation in public services will be essential to the UK’s ability to meet the economic and social challenges of the 21st century….The Government is uniquely placed to drive innovation in public services, through allocating resources and structuring incentives. Major forces such [...]

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Innovation budget

The Taskforce judges that successful leading high tech businesses will spend at least 10% of their budget on innovation, data reported by Booz & Co suggests as much as 13.6% for software and internet companies. Given the speed at which the internet and people’s use of it changes the government’s leading web sites need to [...]

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Keep up to date with best practice in engaging large numbers

The Taskforce ran a competition called ShowUsABetterWay which generated around 500 ideas for uses of public sector data.  This exceeded our expectations and proved to be a very positive experience in terms of the breadth and quality of ideas and the broader interest generated in the Power of Information agenda.
This is part of a growing trend [...]

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