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Power of Information

Power of Information Taskforce Report - February 2009

This Power of Information Taskforce Report makes further recommendations for Internet usage and development within Government expanding upon the original report nine months earlier.

Interim Progress Report

The progress report, released 31 March 2008, states the advancement that Government is making towards implementing the recommendations of the original Power of Information review.

Ministerial Statements

Written Ministerial Statements on the Interim Progress Report on implementation of the Government’s Response to the Power of Information Review (Cm7157).

Cabinet Office Minister Hilary Armstrong commissioned the report to ensure Government acted as a leader in understanding changes in communication and information technology.

The review has found that by supporting the existing innovation of citizens, with facilitation and greater access to information, government will be creating opportunities to empower individuals and communities to create solutions to improve their lives and make informed decisions.

Power of Information Task Force

The Power of Information Task Force was established by Cabinet Office Minister Tom Watson MP in March 2008 in response to the reccomendations of the Power of Information report.

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