Helping people online where they seek help (draft)

Britain’s thriving online co-operative and empowement movements are moving into the mainstream. The Taskforce judges that now is an ideal time for public services to work with these movements adding value to both parties. Emerging good practice in public services should grow to become normal activity

Public servants taking part in online peer support forums

‘A small group of mums can reach an audience of hundreds of thousands. They do not need a large organisation with an expensive IT support system or technological expertise. If 30,000 parents were meeting in a park or football stadium to share information and tips about parenting, government would take notice. Citizens are helping each [...]

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Access to the Internet at work for public servants

Public sector workers cannot be expected to be up to date with or exploit the power of information to transform public services if they cannot access the internet at work.  The Taskforce viewed a report of survey work done for the Minister for Digital Engagement on access to social media sites in Summer 2008. This [...]

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Sustainability of third party services

The Taskforce believes that if digital engagement becomes a more mainstream activity for government, as we feel it should, then questions of sustainability and support will become more pressing.
Many sites and services of public value are entirely created and maintained by communities or social entrepreneurs and do not require government intervention.  However, the Taskforce also [...]

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