Reform geospatial data (draft)

The importance of geospatial data (digital maps) for public good and economic prosperity was identified by Steinberg and Mayo in 2007. However, for both innovators and the general public, the situation remains disappointingly unchanged. About one third of the entries to the Show Us A Better Way competition required geospatial data and provided a clear demonstration to the Taskforce of the importance of updating current policy on geospatial information. Various barriers exist to its use, particularly licensing, cost and timely availability.

The Ordnance Survey is fundamental to delivering the power of information for the economy and society. The Taskforce has contributed to the Government’s Trading Funds Assessment. This Assessment should be radical and fundamental.

Trading Funds

The Taskforce has been impressed by the extent to which access to geospatial data has been a recurrent theme during its activities.  For example, the Show Us A Better Way competition had around 500 entries and of these over one third were for ideas around maps and location. It is possible to speculate why this is: [...]

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