Modernise data publishing and reuse (draft)

The Taskforce found that recent developments on the web have increased the potential for reusing public information to improve public service outcomes and create new businesses. How information is published and licensed for re-use is central to these benefits being realised. Although the core regime for public sector information in the UK works, public information held by for example the police, health bodies and local authorities is often not available. This is bad for democratic expression, the economy and citizen customers. Further reform and better communication to potential reusers would increase the national benefit

Right of re-use

Consistent, comprehensible rights to reuse information from public bodies
‘ protect individual liberty we should have the freest possible flow of information between government and the people…Public information does not belong to Government, it belongs to the public on whose behalf government is conducted.’
Gordon Brown, Prime Minister, Liberty Speech 29 October 2007
‘..Information maintained by the Federal [...]

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Embedding best practice

It is common for UK legislation to contain within it a statutory duty to publish defined items of information. These references vary widely from instructions to publish in specific journals such as the London Gazette through to simple instructions that something must be produced.  Publishing technology has overtaken these instructions in legislation.  Just as the [...]

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Crown Copyright

When the public sector publishes information people should understand that it is intended for re-use.  Action is required to improve understanding of Crown Copyright, which the Taskforce found to be mis-understood by creators and re-users of data. Crown Copyright, despite its historic name, is designed to encourage re-use in the majority of cases yet the taskforce [...]

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Modernising information publishing

‘In the twenty-first century, information is the force powering our democracy and our economy. Both the private and the public sector increasingly rely on information and knowledge, and create value through their ability to manage these valuable assets. Successful societies and economies in the future will depend on how well they enable information to be [...]

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Finding public information for reuse

Large scale publishing of public information
Public information distributed across thousands of websites is expensive or time consuming to gather for reuse.  The cost can be so high that little or no reuse occurs.  The Show Us a Better Way competition revealed this to be a problem when people seek information about complex public service choices.  [...]

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Beacon Status – encouraging and rewarding excellence

The Taskforce talked with stakeholders and aired on its blog a low cost approach for unlocking the power of information at low cost in Local Government.  The Taskforce set out some simple rules in plain English that would help a Local Authority encourage information reuse and save money by adopting a simple policy:

Ensure you have [...]

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