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Reducing burdens

The Department is working to reduce NHS bureaucracy and empower staff to spend less time dealing with red tape and more time delivering healthcare to patients. It is taking a number of actions to ensure the burden of data collection is minimised as much as possible, by removing overlap and duplication. It is also working to streamline the inspection process.  

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Contact us (opens new window)

NHS personnel can contact the DH Reducing burdens team directly to provide comments or suggestions for future work.

Frequently Used Guidance (Private Sector)

To comply with the recently revised Code of Practice on Guidance, links to frequently used DH guidance material which effect businesses and third sector organisations are included in this section.

Controls assurance

The NHS Controls Assurance regime and the requirement to report centrally on it were scrapped from 1st August 2004. The important elements of the Controls Assurance standards were incorporated into the Standards for Better Health.

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