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Equality, diversity and human rights

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Every member of society is likely, at some point, to be a recipient of health and social care. The Department of Health can only achieve its aim of better health, care and well-being for all, by building an explicit commitment to equality, diversity and human rights throughout the health and social care system. All public organisations including the Department of Health and public providers and commissioners of health and social care services have a duty to promote equality.  Successfully delivering these duties is a core part of the health and social care system’s objective to offer services that deliver high quality care for all.

To do this, the diversity of the population has to be recognised, in policy development through to service delivery and patient care, acknowledging the diverse experiences, aspirations and needs of staff, patients and service.

The Department of Health and local health and social care organisations continue to take proactive steps to address unequal access and outcomes experienced by some sections of the community.  DH is working to ensure the principles and practicalities of fairness, equality, diversity and human rights are a  central to the work of the Department.

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