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High Quality Care for All

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In 2008, Lord Darzi published High Quality Care for All. This was the final report of the NHS Next Stage Review, co-produced with the NHS during a year-long process involving more than 2,000 clinicians and 60,000 NHS staff, patients, stakeholders and members of the public.

High quality care has always been a guiding principle for NHS staff. However, in the last 10 years, much of the focus has been on building capacity. Following this significant investment in resources, the time is now right to align the system to support the delivery of high quality care by frontline staff.

Lord Darzi defines quality of care as clinically effective, personal and safe. This means protecting patient safety by eradicating healthcare acquired infections and avoidable accidents. It is about effectiveness of care, from the clinical procedure the patient receives to their quality of life after treatment. It is also about the patient’s entire experience of the NHS and ensuring they are treated with compassion, dignity and respect in a clean, safe and well-managed environment.

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