Recommendations (draft)


Recommendation 12

The Taskforce judges that Click-Use licensing of Crown Copyright information measures up well against the goals of permissive use and simplicity where applied in government, but more work to be done on communicating it to potential reusers. We believe that Crown Copyright needs to be as well communicated and understood as Creative Commons. OPSI,  part of The National Archives should look at ways to improve the presentation of Crown Copyright and begin a communications campaign to that end by end June 2009.

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  1. APPSI welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation report. Our response reflects a majority view (but is not unanimous). The response does not have the support of the Trading fund representative.

    Subject to the paragraph below, APPSI supports the recommendation that Crown Copyright be better communicated, but also asserts that it should be extended to include information from all Government bodies including those which hold their own copyright (e.g. The Environment Agency).

    Crown Copyright is a name deriving from copyright legislation and describes a form of copyright which applies to works by reference to the circumstances of their creation (i.e. by officers or servants of the Crown). In this sense, it is not a description of a licensing regime or approach. APPSI agrees that it may be useful to ‘re-brand’ Crown Copyright in the manner suggested, but would recommend that the existing legislative concept of crown copyright should be re-examined with a view to liberating the concept of use as a label for a certain approach to licensing, as suggested by recommendation 12. There is perhaps a need to link this recommendation with any work done pursuant to the discussion paper published by the UK Intellectual Property Office on developing a copyright agenda for the 21st century (