Recommendations (draft)


Recommendation 3

Government should encourage and assist the development of capability outside government in online empowerment or mutual support for public service outcomes, particularly in the Third Sector.  It should also address the issue of those online organisations or people which are delivering clear, highly leveraged social value but which do not have a sustainable funding model.  HMT and Cabinet Office, particularly the Office of the Third Sector should bring forward proposals by end June 2009

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  1. Phil Agulnik says:

    James Munro kindly supported my comment at If our view is accepted then it would be helpful if the Taskforce could address the issue in this recommendation. For instance, you could add after the first sentence “It should not compete with existing services provided by non-government organisations”. As James points out, sometimes the most helpful thing government can do is to do nothing.

  2. Phil and James make a very good point here.

    Perhaps make the limits of public sector clearer; they cannot hope to provide all solutions to the public, but must enable the public to do so themselves wherever possible.