A modern capability (draft)


Modern training in modern skills

The Taskforce has commissioned online training material on website usability from COI that can be deployed rapidly at relatively low cost. The Permanent Secretary Government Communications should bring forward a plan to train communications staff in the basics of social media and a modern web presence by Q3 2009. Consideration should be given to adapting and extending this training to public sector leaders and then more widely.

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  1. A very short section and, actually, for me the most disappointing. Maybe it is outside the direct remit of the PoIT, but I really think some consideration needs to be given to raising technological skills right across the public services, if not across the whole population.

    We all need to become more technologically capable and aware, and while the vast majority of readers of this draft have no problem with such an idea, that is not true of Joe Public and his partner Jo Public-Service.

    Appraisal Programmes and Performance Management procedures are embedded in our public service, and these can, and should be used to embed an ethos of technological skill development into our public servants and the public service HR departments.

    Better skilled public servants will be more productive as well as more employable. They will gain personally and professionally and we will gain from better services.

  2. Sebastian Crump says:

    I think this section would be better incorporated as a point within the professional skills section.

    This should effectively be delivered through organisations such as GCN or as part of the out-reach work of the ‘team’ I set out in my comment on the skills section recommendation.