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Recommendation 2

Public servants will require adequate internet access to take part in social media as part of their job.  The Cabinet Office should work with staff involved in setting access rules and issue guidance.

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  1. Access to social networking tools/sites needs to be revised. There is currently a huge disparity between what government agencies can access what sites Perhaps there should be a general policy across government regarding these sites.

  2. Alfred Vella says:

    Although it should go without saying (but it can not) steps need to be taken to ensure that government does not use the enhanced capability of IT to reach more people as a means of spreading spin or disinformation. Whilst it may be OK for a minister to say that something is ‘a bloody good university’ when anyone with real knowledge of the university being referred to would beg to differ, the harm misinformation like that does to our people and economy is too much to allow it to be promulgated widely.