Recommendations (draft)


Recommendation 25

A new external high level advisory panel should replace the Taskforce, reporting to the Minister for Digital Engagement.  The Panel should advise Ministers and public servants on the latest developments in the area in the UK and overseas, scrutinise departmental plans and capabilities, set priorities for the Cabinet Office’s R&D fund, and drive and monitor progress in implementing the recommendations set out above. It should publish regular reports on the internet about developments and the government’s progress. The panel should be established by June 2009.

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  1. Richard

    Guess that I violated point two in Recommendation 7 with my request for one document to scan. But, hey, ‘customer in’ and not ‘organisation out’ is at the heart of customer centric service development !

    MODERATOR NOTE – full text document is being prepared. We reversed the usual order to do the commentable version first but recognise that a full text version is handy for people to use offline. Point on customer-centricity is well taken!

  2. Where does this leave APPSI?

  3. Cannot see an external high-level advisory panel doing all of this and well. If we are serious, should there not be a (time-limited) monitoring/supporting unit created within government to work with departments and reporting to the advisory panel?

  4. Richard Quarrell says:

    I agree with Michael that that this looks like an APPSI shadow and may be a committee too far?