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A&E Serious Youth Violence Data Sharing Initiative

Welcome to the pages of the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Youth Crime Data Sharing Initiative.

The aim of the initiative is to support and encourage A&E Departments to work with police and other local agencies to understand more about serious youth violence in their community. This initiative has been developed building on the work achieved through the Home Office Tackling Knives and Serious Youth Violence Action Programme (TKAP). This covers targeted police action to tackle a minority of young people from 13-24 years old who commit serious violence, regardless of the weapon involved.

Research indicates that only 38% of serious violence is reported to the police; whereas 85% of victims attend an A&E Department for treatment on their injuries. Prototype models – led by the work in Cardiff – have shown us that local agencies can use data collected by asking a few simple questions at A&Es to understand much more about the location and type of serous youth violence; and respond tactically and strategically to decrease its prevalence.

On these pages you will find resources to help develop local data sharing initiatives; evidence and case studies of the impact; and networking opportunities with others doing similar work.

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Home Office (opens new window)

Find out more about the Tackling Knives and Serious Youth Violence Action programme:

Centre for Public Innovation (opens new window)

We have asked the CPI to support local partnerships and to manage innovation grant funding to set up new data sharing opportunities across England.

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