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From the Weight loss blog

  • Baggy trousers

    Attention NHS purse-string-holders: I wanna start getting paid for these blog entries. What do you say to a quid a word? Actually, call it a fiver. I need cash, you see – and lot's of it! New, smaller attire won't be stuffed into my wardrobe by effortlessly stylish pixies (more's the pity; I don't care for clothes shopping, and...

  • by Daniel S
    Written 1 hour ago
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From the Weight loss blog

  • Sadly the bunny has hopped away

    I hope everyone has had a brilliant Easter break! I know I definately have. I have been very naughty this Easter break - enjoy all the naughty foods and being very lazy. I even stayed away from my scales - I'm sure it was thinking of reporting me as a missing person!!! I start work again tomorrow and I know with that comes the start of my healthy...

  • by Travenner
    Written 2 hours ago
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From the Birth to five blog

  • We went to the zoo - what's the problem with that?

    Over the Easter weekend we decided it would be lovely to go take our daughter to the zoo to see all the animals that she sees in her storybooks (after all she's not going on safari any time soon). We had a lovely, if expensive, day at a respected popular zoological establishment. Particularly popular were the "ooh-oohs" (various monkeys...

  • by BadDad
    Written 3 hours ago
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From the Arthritis blog

  • Awfully nice of you

    After a short time on this blog I've decided I won't be posting anymore. I returned yesterday from a long weekend break over Easter, logged on, and saw that the most recent blog post (by John) had been comment spammed. There were around 60 spam comments. I removed them. In response, I was told: please leave that to us next time. We keep a close...

  • by DaveJones
    Written 5 hours ago

From the Weight loss blog

  • I don't know and I don't care

    After what seemed like forever, I reached Easter - my self-appointed diet break. Over 4 days I have thoroughly enjoyed every single hot cross bun, cupcake, piece of chocolate, glass of champagne, cocktail, tub of ice cream and slab of cheesecake... etc etc etc. And I do not feel one bit guilty, surprisingly. I haven't weighed myself this week. Not...

  • by MsFabulous
    Written 1 day ago
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