What is this Power of Information stuff?
In early 2007 the Cabinet Office asked Ed Mayo and Tom Steinberg to investigate the increasing activity online amongst citizens using what became known as social media.  Their report is here.  The story of publications, statements etc by the government is here.

What did the government think of this?
The government responded to the reviewers here.

What is this Taskforce?
More information on the Taskforce can be found here, information on its members is here.

What was the Taskforce asked to do?
The Power of Information Taskforce was set the following terms of reference:

‘To advise and assist the government on delivering benefit to the public from new developments in digital media and the use of citizen- and state-generated information in the UK, including those identified in the Power of Information Review.

The Taskforce will consider the following sub questions:

How can government further catalyse more beneficial creation and sharing of knowledge, and mutual support, between citizens?

What more can and should be done to improve the way government and its agencies publish and share non personal information?

Are there any further notable information opportunities or shortfalls in sectors outside government that those sectors could work to rectify?’

I wrote something on the blog, what happened to that?
The Taskforce wrote up much of its work as it went along on a blog.  The dozens of comments made on the blog were enormously useful in pointing us to new information or supporting or correcting argument and we are grateful to all those who contributed.  We are also grateful to the many people who took time to work through complex issues with us one to one, often in confidence or organised events to discuss the Power of Information.

Why hasn’t my comment on your site appeared immediately?
Comments are pre moderated, we try to moderate as fast as we can during working hours (GMT UK) and periods when the site is clearly busy outside that time and we are awake and connected.

The purpose of this site is to enable people to comment on the beta version of the Power of Information Taskforce report to help us hand in a better, more effective report to the government.  Comments will be accepted and published, providing they are in the spirit of the approach we use for moderating enries and comments on the Show Us A Better Way competition.  This approach will evolve as we learn from this process.

Some of the members seems to work for companies and the government.  How does that work?
The members of the Taskforce took part in its work in a personal capacity.  This report does not represent the views of the organisations that the Taskforce members work for.

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