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SHA Assurance

Although the regional context and priorities of the ten different strategic health authorities (SHAs) will vary, there should be some consistency in the core functions and behaviours that an SHA performs within each region. SHA Assurance seeks to ensure that each SHA is performing these in a manner that is consistent with the national agenda as well as being appropriate for the local environment.  It is important, particularly in the current economic climate, that SHAs are meeting the needs of their local populations and at the same time preparing for future challenges.

Combining self-assessments and site visits, SHA assurance assesses SHAs across three elements - Governance, Performance, and Health. The assurance model is focused on strengthening the accountability of SHAs, while also supporting them to build their capacity and capability to drive the quality, innovation, productivity and prevention agenda and helping them become the best SHA they can be.

The NHS Chief Executive, Sir David Nicholson is leading a panel made up of Department of Health Director Generals and Chief Executives from a peer SHA and a local authority. The panel will visit each SHA over a period of eight months during the first year of SHA Assurance.

The SHAs still to go through the SHA Assurance process are:

April 2010: NHS East Midlands
May 2010: NHS South Central and NHS North East

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