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Productivity in the UK series

Productivity in the UK: 1 the evidence and the Government´s approach

Government strategy for meeting the productivity challenge.

Productivity in the UK: 2 progress towards a productive economy

Report on progress towards the Government's objective of raising the sustainable rate of UK productivity, narrowing the productivity gap between the UK and the US, Germany and France.

Productivity in the UK: 3 - the regional dimension

Analysis of the productivity challenge facing the countries and regions of the UK.

Productivity in the UK: 4 - the local dimension

Focuses on the strategic role that local authorities have in the economic development of their localities, the success of their region, and ultimately the prosperity of the UK.

Productivity in the UK 5: Benchmarking UK Productivity Performance

A consultation on productivity indicators

Productivity in the UK 6: Progress and new evidence

Highlights the UK's recent strong productivity performance over the economic cycle which is particularly impressive as it occurred in conjunction with strong employment growth.

Productivity in the UK: 7 - securing long-term prosperity

Outlines the importance of productivity to living standards in the long run, progress to date and sets out the Government's overarching framework for improving productivity.

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