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Budget 2002

The strength to make long-term decisions: investing in an enterprising, fairer Britain

Budget 2002, comprises the Economic and Fiscal Strategy Report (EFSR) and the Financial Statement and Budget Report (FSBR).
The EFSR describes the comprehensive strategy that the Government is pursuing in relation to its economic objectives, the progress that has been made so far and the new measures in Budget 2002.

The FSBR provides a summary of each of the main Budget measures and the Government's latest forecast for the economy and public finances.

Alongside the Budget document, more information is available in press notices, the Budget leaflet, consultation and other supplementary documents and draft legislation.

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This year we also have a separate microsite for the Summary Leaflet which highlights the key points of how the Budget will affect you. Click on the graphic to view. This site will open in a new browser window.

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