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Public private partnerships


Signed Projects List

This is a working document containing information on current signed PFI projects. It is updated on a 6-monthly basis to reflect the updates HM Treasury receives from Departments at Budget and PBR. As of April 2007 the database has been updated to reflect a large data validation exercise HM Treasury has carried out. This has revised and updated the signed deal list, since:

In addition, to further enhance the transparency of PFI, HM Treasury has added extra information to the list covering PFI projects' balance sheet treatment and unitary charge payments.

When the spreadsheet opens a prompt message may appear asking whether you want to update the spreadsheet with changes made in a linked workbook. If this does appear click 'no'.

PFI Projects in procurement

This is a working document containing details of PFI projects that were in procurement in February 2010, when this data was submitted by the departments to HM Treasury. This list is not definitive and is subject to changes.

Equity Holder List

This is a working document containing details of the equity holders of signed PFI projects. The list is not yet complete, departments are working to collect more information.

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