HM Treasury

Public private partnerships

PPP Policy Team

The PPP Policy Team sits within the Treasury’s Corporate and Private Finance Team. The team is responsible for managing the PPP/PFI programme and market.  It focuses particularly on ensuring that public sector infrastructure investment programmes maintain momentum, are value for money, sustain market confidence and deliver improved operational performance of projects.

Within this remit the PPP Team develops and publishes key policy, guidance and statistics on PPP/PFI and provides advice to those undertaking or wishing to undertake PPP/PFI projects as well as assisting in the scrutiny of business cases and providing input to the Major Projects Review Group.

The Team is responsible for the updating and publication of the standardised PFI contract (SoPC4) and the development of policy for the Operational Taskforce and the Infrastructure Finance Unit (TIFU).  The head of the team chairs the Projects Review Group (PRG).  

This site provides access to a wide range of information about the Private Finance Initiative in the UK. Further queries can be directed to the Treasury Correspondence & Enquiry Unit .

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