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Promoting saving and asset ownership

The Government seeks to support saving and asset ownership for all, from childhood, through working life and into retirement. The Government recognises the importance of savings in providing people with: independence throughout their lives; security if things go wrong; and comfort in retirement.

Since 1997 the Government's saving strategy has focussed on improving the environment for saving, providing adequate incentives for saving, and empowering individuals with the capability to make the right savings choices.

The key ongoing challenges for savings and pensions are:


In January 2007 the Government set out its aspirations for increasing consumers' financial capability over the next 10-20 years. These include widening access to generic financial advice, supporting personal finance education in schools and support to help people make financial decisions with confidence. For more information see Financial Capability: the Government´s long term approach , HM Treasury's financial capability web page and the Financial Services Authority's financial capability website (external website).


To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to access appropriate saving products the Government is committed to tackling financial exclusion. In December 2007 the Government published its financial inclusion action plan, which sets out Government's strategy for financial inclusion in 2008-11, including how the £130 million Financial Inclusion Fund will be spent in 2008-11. For more information see Financial inclusion: an action plan for 2008-11 and HM Treasury's financial inclusion web page .


The Government aims to sharpen the incentives to save for key groups, particularly those on lower incomes, These incentives are supplemented by positioning saving as the default option, for example with the auto-enrolment in personal accounts and the Child Trust Fund.

The Government wants more people to be able to enjoy the benefits of saving and since 1997 has put in place a number of reforms to encourage people to do so. The Government has:

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